Friday, July 23, 2010

Unburdened by Chris Tiegreen

The subtitle of this book is what caught my eye, 'the secret to letting God carry the things that weigh you down', as my family has been going through numerous things of late that have really gotten us down I thought this book would really hit the spot. And that it did!

In the introduction, author Chris Tiegreen states, "This book won't come across as a how-to manual. No, this is more like a series of personal reflections on what it's like to struggle with heavy baggage and, more important what it's like to release that baggage to someone more capable of handling it." It doesn't give you step by step instructions on handling burdens and trials, such as do this and this and then your burdens will magically disappear. But it does make you think about what your burdens are and why they are in your life and he then takes you to 'the source' for unburdening yourself.

I enjoyed this book, it didn't solve all my problems but it did remind me of who can solve all my problems, something that gets pushed aside when you are weighed down with the stresses of life. My copy of Unburdened is now colorful with lots of highlighting and underlining so I can go back when I need more reminding, and many quotes I copied in my Bible for future reference.

I recieved this book as a part of Tyndale House Publishers, book review program. All opinions expressed are my own.

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