Friday, July 23, 2010

Flight to Heaven-A Pilot's True Story by Capt. Dale Black

This is definately an edge of the seat kinda book! This is one that you can't put down long enough to go fix dinner, you just have to read one more chapter and then one more.

Flight to Heaven, written by the man who experienced it Capt. Dale Black, is the true story of the authors near brush with death in a plane crash. It cronocles the painful recovery that followed along with the later realization, due to memory loss, that during his ordeal he'd visited Heaven, and how he chose to deal with that knowledge.

The thing that endeared me to this book was the fact that the heavenly visit while beautiful and not to be underscored was not the main point of the book. Capt. Black wanted to show how his life was changed by this experience and how he's tried to help others because of it. He wants others to experience their own heavenly journey and not just focus on his. Thanks to wonderful advice from a godly grandfather he's lived his experience, not just lived to tell about it.

This book is full of drama, sadness, happiness, and as I said edge of your seat excitement. It contains pictures of the planes mentioned, and crash site photos to help you envision the story as you read. It will leaving you wanting your own 'flight to heaven'.

I recieved this book from Bethany House Publishers as part of their book review program. All views expressed are my own.

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